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Finding the story – that's what we do.

If we were to write a standard "About Us" page, we would probably do what everyone does, provide a list of facts that may or may not be important, or interesting. However, we get up every morning determined to find the unique story of each and every client, and communicate it perfectly. We understand it's important to tell the story of Films for a Change, but we believe that that's not the real story, not all of it, anyway.

Some technical facts

We produce a wide range of videos and animation projects, from corporate movies, through fund-raising presentations to training and manpower recruiting videos. We believe that our clients' movies must be as creative and professional looking as an excellent full feature movie or a good television show. They also have to 'tell the story' effectively and really touch the viewers. We believe there is no reason to provide any less!

So, what's the story?

In many cases, ultimately the people are the true story behind the scenes, and in our case they are Itay Livne and Gal Avraham. Let's start with Itay Livne - the Creative Partner of Films for a Change. His extensive professional experience includes TV and movie commercial editing: Itay: "It felt too shallow; I was looking for longer and more complex challenges, like finding the story within unscripted material".

After 15 years in the field, with many series, programs, news broadcasts, Friday night TV shows and magazines, documentaries, international festivals and quite a few prizes, Itay started looking for more profound challenges: Itay: "I wanted something different that will utilize the full capabilities of animation, video and special effect tools combined with my ability to tell a story, in a way that TV and cinema do not take advantage of, but the Internet does".

In 2012 Itay founded Films for a Change. Itay: "I knew there's a way of turning tutorials, training and corporate movies into effective, focused and high quality tools, using story-telling elements. Just like making a short movie".

Then there's Gal Avraham – the Sales and Business Development Partner of Films for a Change. With over 20 years of professional managerial experience, including two decades in the world of high-tech, technology and gadgets: Gal: "I know the inner workings of large and small organizations, I was part of them, and I know how they think".

Gal filled a range of positions, from Programmer, through Project Manager to VP Business Development in software companies, start-ups and some of the largest corporations in the country. His experience and unique perspective enables Gal to fully understand the needs of his clients today. Gal: "…How to deliver the message, how to communicate internally, what is the best way to position the company, and so on…" 

Our friendship with each other and with our customers

The friendship between Gal and Itay started before Films for a Change was founded. Gal: "We became friends 5 years before we became partners; the thought of cooperating professionally emerged while 'fighting' in Karate class and talking in the Jacuzzi after each training".

Gal's business experience and Itay's content-creative side complimented each other, enabling Films for a Change to offer highly creative outputs based on the very latest technological innovations (connections to cloud based LMS solutions, interactive movies, connectivity to various platforms, mobile, etc.)

Gal: "We believe in innovation and the right kind of link between technology and the customer. For example, in a project for the Strauss Group, we produced an interactive video, the new generation of traditional e-learning, enabling the end user to monitor implementation, ask questions, and more".

Our DNA: When movie production and technology meet

The great thing about this link between creativity and technology is how it is implemented differently in each and every project, according to the customer's needs.

So, for example, in marketing movies, the 'secret' lies in understanding both marketing and technology and the ability to get the message across in a visually stimulating way, using the most advanced photography, animation and editing tools. The result of this 'secret' is an intelligent and accurate marketing movie, which utilizes advanced technology that supports the message and even shortens production time.

In training and learning movies, the focus is a bit different. Obviously, they must be engaging and innovative as far as content, but Films for a Change integrates unique and advanced technological elements, which ultimately saves the customer time and money. For example, the cloud based LMS information systems that enable customers to manage learning, distribute the movie, track views, assess comprehension, etc.

So, what's our story?

On the one hand, it's Itay's ability to take any product or business, find the right angle and turn it into a great story and movie that triggers an emotional response from viewers and causes them to take the desired action. Itay: "Every TV show or movie I have ever worked on had to generate an action on the viewer's side, whether it was laughter or tears or the admiration of someone enough to vote for them or to make a change in the viewer's life".

…And on the other hand it's Gal's business experience and understanding and, of-course, the joint outcome. Gal: "Our goal is to provide organizations with a comprehensive solution that is more than just a movie. Our joint DNA is the DNA of every movie we make".

These two sides, and everything between them, is our story.

Want to know more? Contact us today, we will be happy to answer any question.